Art of War Down Under

The Down Under Championships Mission

The Down Under Championships is a collaborative effort by Down Under Pairings and a number of Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Tournament Organisers (TOs) with a goal of growing the competitive scene within the ANZ wargaming community. In our first year (2020) our aim is to highlight one Tournament per region to promote inter region travel on mass.

When Does it Start and Finish?

The Down Under Championships is scheduled around the ANZ40K Open, the season finale of the Down Under Championships. As a result the exact start and end dates will vary year to year, howver the 2020 season will start the 30th of March 2020 and will finish at the completion of the ANZ40K Open (currently scheduled in for the 27th and 28th of March 2021, however this date is not finalised).

Which Tournaments Count?

The Down Under Championships is an inclusive circuit, with the goal to be as open as possible. All events held in Australia and New Zealand qualify for the Down Under Championships as long as they meet the following requirements.

Warhammer 40,000 Requirements:

  • Player Attendance: Minimum 10 players in the fist round.
  • Number of Games: Minimum 3 rounds.
  • Army Size: Minimum 1,000 Points.

The exact scoring for the Down Under Championships is currently under review, and will be in place prior to the commencement of the new season.

Certified Events

As per our mission above, we aim to encourage inter region travel, to do this we are certifying one event per region. The certification process may change from season to season, however we have worked closely with a number of TOs who share this mission and come up with a pretty amazing prize(s).

To be eligable for the season prize you will need to have participated in at least 2 certified events, and be in attendance at the season finale, the ANZ40K Open.

A full list of Certified Events can be found here and will be highlighted in the Event List with a .

The Season Prizes

While the final list of prizes up for grabs in the Down Under Championships is still in development, Down Under Pairings will be sending the winner of the Down Under Championships to an International 40k Event, including Flights, Accomodation and Entry to the event from the list below. As new events become available to us, we will continue to add to this list.

The full list of conditions of entry and prizes will be published prior to the commencement of the season.

What Format Will Be Used?

Our main goal with the Down Under Championships is to be as inclusive as possible, as such there will be no forced formats applied to tournaments, they could be an ITC style, ETC style or a custom style.