Art of War

++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Daemons) [18 PL, -1CP, 375pts] ++

Chaos Allegiance: Tzeentch

+ HQ +

Lord of Change [14 PL, -1CP, 280pts]: Bolt of Change, Gaze of Fate, Incorporeal Form, Infernal Gateway, Rod of Sorcery, The Impossible Robe, Warlord, Exalted Lord of Change: 5. Aura of Mutability

+ Troops +

Horrors [4 PL, 95pts]: Daemonic Icon

. 10x Pink Horror: 10x Coruscating flames

++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [31 PL, 8CP, 514pts] ++

Cults of the Legion – Cult of Magic

Relics of the Thousand Sons (1 Relic) [-1CP]

+ HQ +

Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch [9 PL, 170pts]: Doombolt, Tzeentch's Firestorm, Warptime

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch [10 PL, -1CP, 200pts]: Devastating Sorcery, Helm of the Third Eye, Magister, Malefic talon, Temporal Manipulation, Infernal Gaze, Wings

+ Troops +

Rubric Marines [12 PL, 144pts]

. Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, 7x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 7x Inferno boltgun

++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [60 PL, -2CP, 1,110pts] ++

Legion: Alpha Legion

+ HQ +

Daemon Prince with Wings [10 PL, 205pts]: Malefic talon, Warp bolter, Wings, Tzeentch, Weaver of fates

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [6 PL, 115pts]: Combi-melta, Death Hex, Force stave, Mark of Tzeentch, Prescience

+ Troops +

Chaos Space Marines [4 PL, 71pts]: No Chaos Mark, Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainaxe,  4x Marine w/ boltgun: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Boltgun, 4x Frag & Krak grenades

+ Elites +

Rubric Marines [24 PL, 360pts]

Aspiring Sorcerer: Force stave, Inferno Bolt Pistol, 19x Rubric Marine w/ Inferno Boltgun: 19x Inferno boltgun

Terminators [16 PL, 359pts]: Icon of Excess, Mark of Slaanesh, 9x Terminator: Chainaxe, Combi-plasma, Terminator Champion: Chainfist, Combi-plasma

++ Total: [109 PL, 5CP, 1,999pts]