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What is Down Under Pairings?

Down Under Pairings is an online Event Management solution to help you manage your competitive events, as well as allow both players and spectators to view pairings, results and rankings on-line, and on any device.


What makes us different?

Down Under Pairings is designed and supported by Event Organisers for Event Organisers. The solution is designed as a truely paperless system, no scorecards or mission packs need to be printed. Sound too good to be true? Check out some examples here.

We allow you as an Event Organiser lots of options, letting you run your event the way you want to run it. We provide multiple Pairings Formats, that's right we offer more than just SWISS Pairings. We allow customisable scorecards for not just Battle Scores, but Presentation, Sportsmanship, Army Composition and Player Voting. The list of features and options are miles ahead of anything else on the market, and the list keeps on growing. Want to check out a comprehensive list of what we can offer your event? Check out our About Us page.