What is Down Under Pairings

Down Under Pairings is an online tournament management solution to help you manage your competitive events, as well as allow both players and spectators to view pairings, results on-line and national rankings, on any device.

Who are we and how are we different?

Down Under Pairings is designed and supported by Tournament Organisers for Tournament Organisers. We allow Tournament Organisers (TOs) so many options when it comes to setting up their events, and the list just keeps on growing;

  • Pairings Format: "Traditional" Swiss Pairings, Swiss Pairings breaking to a Top X, or a "Bracketed" knockout style system.
  • The ability to do first round pairings either randomly or Seeded.
  • The ability to have players declare Grudge Matches and Blood Rules, as well as dictate how many rounds the Blood Rules will be in place.
  • The option of saying if a Tabling is a "max win" or whether or not you still need to calculate the results as normal (or with modifiers)
  • Battle Format: VP Differential (think ETC), W/L/D, Major and Minor W/L/D, ITC Mission Format.
  • Whether or not you allow for Draws or not. Some events will have very specific missions that cannot result in a Draw, usually used in a knockout style event.
  • Heavily customisable Battle Scoresheets which allow for:
    • Round timings: when the Round starts and finishes.
    • Deployment type.
    • Primary Mission Objectives: Eternal War, Maelstrom of War, Kill Points, Kill Point Differential, or a combination of all 3 (think ETC).
    • Secondary Mission Objectives: A number of Tournament Standard Secondary Objectives, as well as customisable Secondary Objectives.
    • Bonus Points: Unlimited and customisable that can either be included in determining the winner or used purely for Tournament Points
Down Under Pairings
Down Under Pairings

We do way more than just pairings!

Down Under Pairings offers a truely Paperless experience by offering way more than just the pairings for events, we manage EVERYTHING! All scoring formats, from Battle, to Presentation, Sportsmanship and Composition can be handled via Players entering their scores via a mobile device, no apps required.

  • Sportsmanship:
    • Sports Style: Sports Range 1-X, Questions (both positive and negative scores applied), Penalty Format (Acceptable/Unacceptable, and % of Overall Score penalty applied).
    • Favourite Player/Best Sports Votes: You can define how many Players any individual Player can vote for, and how many points each vote is worth. In addition you can determine if these votes are purely used for the Best Sports award, or if they are included in the Tournament Points
  • Army Presentation:
    • Dynamic Paint Scoresheets: You can create unlimited Categories (eg. Army Cohesion, Advanced Techniques, etc.) and each Category can have unlimited "Questions" worth as many points as you wish each.
    • Paint Score Caping: Some events like to have an exhaustive list of potential Categories and Questions, and to achieve the maximum score you don't need to max out in all areas (eg. 100 points of Paint Questions, but only 80 points available). The total Paint Score is of course calculated, but when added to the Tournament Points it will cap out at whatever number you determine appropriate
    • Online Paint Judging: You can assign as many Paint Judges as you deem appropriate, each being able to keep track of which Players they have still got to judge. Down Under Pairings will then keep an average of the scores entered so far.
    • Players Choice/Best Presented Votes: You can define how many Players any individual Player can vote for, and how many points each vote is worth. In addition you can determine if these votes are purely used for the Best Presented award, or if they are included in the Tournament Points
  • Army Composition:
    • Manual Comp Scores: This allows a TO to enter a Composition Score between a given range, usually derived prior to the event by a panel of judges.
    • Community Comp: While Community Comp has been quiet since Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition dropped, Down Under Pairings still allows a TO to enter a number of "Credits" and have that determine the players Composition Score using a number of different sliding scales.
    • Peer Composition: Allowing for Players to enter a score within a given range, and defining whether that is added as part of the Player's overall Composition Score, or whether it is purely used for post event data.

We also keep track of Player Rankings for events run within Down Under Pairings as well as event results that have been uploaded to Down Under Pairings.

Down Under Pairings
Down Under Pairings

Who are we?

Joshua 'Difsta' Diffey is the lead on this project, and has been working on this for quite a number of years (starting with the Community Comp Terminal back in 2015). However we take input from as many TOs and Players as we can, adding new features all the time as people come up with crazier and crazier ways to run their events.

You can get in contact with us through Down Under Pairings, or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with any news or information.

Down Under Pairings